“champion the creative mind!”

The traditional view of fine art, and a great deal of art teaching supports the mystique  that certain chosen individuals have an inherent talent, and that only trained individuals can spot the talent and explain it to the rest of the world. This keeps out most of the community, keeps a “closed shop” mentality, and in the end is self destructive, because the public will not ultimately support a means of expression that keeps them out, and denies them a voice. 
The most successful elements in our culture are the open, inclusive ones, they invite debate and have a fast flow of new ideas and new “blood”. 
I think it is important for artists not to exploit their traditional romantic status, but stand up for and champion the creative mind. 
If we want a vibrant culture we have to defend creative thinking which is open and expansive thinking, not closed linear and segmented.

“champion the creative m…


2 thoughts on ““champion the creative m…

  1. Ba Stunt says:

    Fortunately opinions are changing to become more inclusive. Current art culture embraces a far wider acceptance of what constitutes ‘art’, including the somewhat maligned ‘conceptual art’.
    The benefit of this is that, -particularly in sculptural media, ‘art’ can be almost anything, so if you have the idea, and you are prepared to put in the work to research, explore and develop it, the sky is the limit.
    Personally, I think the most important part for most people who do not aspire to being ‘professional’ is the personal fulfillment and enjoyment of creating. Often this is the most that ‘professional’ artists will get too!

    • Perhaps seeking personal fulfillment and enjoyment of creating is the best way of gauging the honesty and therefore artistic integrity of ones artwork. Financial gain can be a distraction. Sometimes I think this gives the amateur artist an advantage over the professional.

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